The Center for Space Commerce and Finance

About the Center for Space Commerce and Finance

The Center for Space Commerce and Finance (CSCF) is a Texas-based, 501(c)3 educational non-profit organization focused catalyzing the growth of the NewSpace economy. CSCF develops educational programs, events, and publications focused on connecting and educating entrepreneurs and investors, with the goal of increasing investment deal flow in the commercial space industry. Our founders and team have been spearheading the development of the space economy for the last 30 years, including building, developing, and investing in space businesses. CSCF is built on this wealth of experience, with the goal of providing the industry’s most definitive resource for both entrepreneurs and investors.

Our Team

Aaron Pagel

Executive Director

Aaron’s diverse background in leadership, arts, operations, marketing, and business strategy makes him an ideal leader for the Center. After 10 years as an actor and filmmaker, Aaron earned his MBA in Marketing, Applied Economics, and Business Strategy and Decision Making from DePaul University in Chicago with distinction. He serves as a Marketing Consultant for Envobius (an early stage teleportation research company) and is an Adjunct Professor of Business Strategy at DePaul.

Thomas Andrew Olson

Founder, Board Chairman

For over three decades, Mr. Olson has been a business systems engineer and analyst in the Communications, Aerospace, and Publishing sectors. In addition, he worked in analysis and operations roles in the Financial Services sector. A serial entrepreneur, he co-founded Exodus Consulting Group as a “catalyst” helping tech startups and investors find each other, and was initially the project manager for the NewSpace Business Plan Competition, 2011-2015. Today he serves as Director of Business Development for Avealto, Ltd., based in the UK, an early-stage firm that will will soon provide High Altitude Platforms for internet and mobile services to under served areas around the world.

Meagan Crawford

Founder, Board Member

Meagan is a NewSpace industry leader with a breadth of experience across finance, investing, management, entrepreneurship, communications, marketing, and team building. A strong believer in the power of free enterprise as the driving force that will lift humanity off-world, Meagan is dedicated to several projects focused on building a sustainable, profitable, successful space industry – for everyone.  Meagan is Managing Partner of SpaceFund, a venture capital firm investing in frontier enabling technologies and is a co-founder of Brand Delta-V, the world’s first NewSpace marketing firm.

Michael Laine

Board Member

President LiftPort Group – The Elevator to Space Companies; Past President International Space University US Alumni Association; Co-Founder, Space Finance Group, Director, Space Literacy Foundation, and Leeward Space FoundationSpace Finance Group, Advisor International Space Elevator Consortium. Author, Speaker, Consultant, Visionary, Student. He has been working for 13 years on building something that most people consider science fiction: an Elevator to Space. And even though, at this moment, Earth’s Elevator is impossible, he believes there are steps we can take – now– that will move us in the right direction – a Lunar Space Elevator Infrastructure. 

Jeff Krukin

Board Member

Jeff Krukin’s dual-track career (Aerospace & Defense and Information Technology) began as an IBM Systems Engineer; his customers were NASA’s Johnson Space Center and several aerospace contractors. More recently, he was the first Business Development Manager at TriMech, a reseller of industrial 3D printers and 3D CAD engineering software, and Principal Advisor – Aerospace & Defense at MarketsandMarkets, a market intelligence and consulting firm.